Fire and tables

Looking for the ultimate stylish outdoor heating solution? Then the Fire’N’Table™ is the best outdoor gas heating option for you!

Fire’N’Table™ emits heat beneath the tabletop but creates an atmosphere with an open flame in the middle of the tabletop. State of the art technology combining both infrared and radiant heat- a genuine outdoor heater. The double-skinned exterior allows no heat transfer, thus creating no hot spots – so safe to touch anywhere!

Fire’N’Table™ can dine up to 8 people, or fit 12 people standing comfortably. Plus, a cool option for hot summers! Add a stainless steel ice bucket that drops in the fire pit, keeping drinks and food cool on ice while entertaining.

Products and specifications

  • Dimensions 1.15m(h) x 1.1m(w) x 1.1m(d)3’9.3”(h) x 3’7.3”(w) x 3’7.3”(d)
  • Weight 120kgs, 265lbs
  • LPG/Propane 9kg bottle, 20lbs bottle