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Keep your customers warm no matter the weather with powerful outdoor heaters

Increase business and customer experience by utilising your outdoor space year-round

Australia might be thought of as the land of sun, but it’s also home to some icy winters.

While summers in outdoor spaces can be filled with bright mornings, sun-filled afternoons, and warm evenings, it’s also important to consider what they’ll be like during the other half of the year.

Winter can be death to an outdoor space – sending it into hibernation as it sits empty and unused.

Depending on the size of the space, this can significantly cut the capacity of your venue. And that’s not good news for business.

Heating these spaces isn’t an easy task either, with many existing options being



Low Quality?

Alfresco Spaces’ outdoor heating solutions

Give your visitors a warm welcome all year round

With the right heating solutions, your outdoor spaces can become extensions of your indoor ones. This means more space, more customers, and more business.

Your visitors will be able to enjoy a comfortable environment, no matter what the weather outside.

Using Alfresco Spaces’ heating solutions, you can effectively include your business’ outdoor spaces as if they were inside the establishment, allowing for happier guests, productive employees, and overall better service.

Alfresco’s Architectural Series

Whether you need to heat a small or large inner courtyard, or a street frontage in variable conditions, our Architectural Series, electric radiant outdoor heater – manufactured using Australian Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, is the perfect size to provide heating coverage in any public dining, recreation or residential area.

Alfresco Strip Heater

Alfresco Strip is a streamline radiant heater that provides directional heat, and warms a space all over, same as sun’s energy, but without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

This low carbon, energy saving and eco-friendly, heater can be placed in both traditional and contemporary spaces with ease.

Outdoor DCSC Gas Heaters

Alfresco Spaces DSCS gas heater is designed to add warmth to your outdoor and patio areas.

Easy to install and available in contemporary industrial design, producing gas generated infrared heat, this heater is a perfect solution for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces.

Fire Tables

Our Fire’N’Table™ heating solution, is a stylish outdoor entertainment table that emits heat beneath the tabletop creating an atmosphere of intrigue and indulgence.

Using state of the art technology combining both infrared and radiant heat, this heater comes with a double skinned exterior that allows no heat transfer, making it safe for entertaining eight to ten people at a time.

Start maximising your outdoor space

Contact us to learn how our heating solutions can help you better utilise your indoor and outdoor spaces in the cooler months.