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Make your outdoor space the coolest place to be
on a hot summer day

Effective, efficient and customisable cooling solutions to help your guests beat the heat

You might have envisioned your outdoor space being the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy the summer months.

But notoriously hot Australian summers often leave people looking for a place to cool off.

If you don’t have a cooling system in place, high temperatures and blazing sun can drive people indoors in search of air conditioning (or stop them coming out at all).

If your outdoor space doesn’t have an effective way of keeping your visitors cool, the summer months will see you experience:

  • Fewer customers
  • Lower profits
  • Health and safety risks

Enjoy the sun without the heat

Being able to keep your visitors comfortable in the heat means more customers, more of the time – and an outdoor area that doesn’t go to waste during the hotter months.

A misting system is the most effective way to provide a comfortable and cool environment. It is a state-of-the-art solution, offering superior cooling results with minimised effort and energy requirements.

Misting fans will ensure your outdoor space will never be too hot or too cold, and also work as a way to deter insects – making the outdoor experience for your guests even better.

Alfresco Spaces’ outdoor cooling solutions

What is misting?

Misting systems work in the same way as a cooling ocean breeze and are perfect for outdoor cooling. Quality misting lines and fogging fans produce ultra-fine water droplets. When these droplets evaporate, the air around the system is cooled, creating a constant, pleasantly cool environment.

Misting Systems

Imagine if your customers can experience the cool ocean breeze on a hot day while dining at your beautiful outdoor space. Cooling your outdoor dining area can increase revenue. Our misting systems work the same as a cool ocean breeze, by produce micro-droplets that evaporate once they hit the air and rapidly cool it.

Misting Fans

We provide custom-designed misting fans to ensure perfect cooling for your outdoor space. Our state-of-the-art misting fans can be easily installed, are aesthetically pleasing and create 360 degrees of cool air in both hot and humid conditions.

Your visitors will enjoy your lovely outdoor spaces, without worrying about the sweltering summer heat.

Start maximising your outdoor space

Contact us to learn how our misting solutions can help you better utilise your outdoor spaces in the hotter months.