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Misting Fans

The outdoors during summer months are always the preferred place to relax, entertain, dine, and recharge though we are often forced inside when it gets too hot. With Mist360 and MiniMist misting fans, you are able to create a comfortable outdoor atmosphere to enjoy the summer months.

Creating 360 degrees of cool air where it is easily installed. The forced airflow and the Ruby-orifice nozzles provide 100% evaporation of mist throughout the changing conditions of the day.  


Cooling Area 3m diameter zone
360 degree of cool zone
Forced airflow provides 100% evaporation
316L Stainless steel tubing
Ruby-orifice nozzles
Simple install
Mist 360 Breeze
Cooling Area 5m diameter zone
360 degree of cool zone
Forced airflow provides 100% evaporation
316L Stainless steel tubing
Ruby-orifice nozzles
Ability to get custom colour or brand wrap
Five-year warranty
Simple install

Our Misting Fans in Action

The Coogee Bay Hotel

The Coogee Bay Hotel makes the most of their beautiful bayside location with a large outdoor pergola area. While the overhead material cover was protecting patrons from the sun, it was also making the area incredibly humid, sticky, and unbearable to be in during the summer.

Alfresco Spaces installed three Breeze 360 misting fans, dropping the temperature in the pergola area by 15 degrees – leaving it perfectly comfortable all summer, no matter how high the temperature climbs.

The fans have made Coogee Bay Hotel’s space usable 100% of the year, resulting in a great return on their investment – and then some. The results have been so good, the Hotel have decided to install the same fans throughout their entire beer garden as well.

Momento Hospitality Group

The Momento Hospitality Group were struggling to cool down the outdoor and rooftops areas of three of their major venues – Hillside Tavern, Bella Vista, and Governor Hotel. During the summer visitors weren’t able to enjoy the spaces because of the heat.

The task of cooling was made harder by the size of the spaces and the fact that they were spread throughout the venue, both upstairs and downstairs.

By installing misting systems, Alfresco was able to drop the temperature in each are by between 12-15 degrees.

Since then, staff have commented on the vast difference in the number of visitors they’re receiving.  Going from empty rooftops to consistently full ones – they’re now attracting many more customers to all three establishments.

The Newport

A sizeable and incredibly popular Northern Beaches venue, The Newport is made up of a number of large outdoor areas. To stay open and profitable, they needed them to be comfortable even on the hottest of days to accommodate all their visitors.

Because of the many spaces that needed to be cooled, Alfresco worked closely with the operator and CEO of Melville Hospitality group, Jason Hemmes, to design the system and set up controlling functions.

There cooling and misting system is now all operated automatically through iPads for ease and speed. The cooler spaces have attracted many more people than ever before, and has even drawn attention from those who want to install them in their own businesses and homes.