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Alfresco Spaces – Livestock Mist Cooling Systems

Livestock Cooling Misters


When the temperature soars horses, pets and livestock can suffer from heat stress.


Animals can become quite distressed during our hot summer months especially if their stable is not well ventilated. Chronic heat stress can lower the immune system leaving your animal vulnerable to disease and less able to perform at his best.

Barn Cooling Systems


Cloudburst livestock and horse cooling systems allow you to take control of the climate and keep your animals cool. The system quickly and effectively lowers the temperature of the surrounding air by up to 15 degrees.


Chris Waller Racing love our system so much they have installed Alfresco Spaces misting systems to 40 stables at the Rose Hill Racing Complex.

Key Features in Our Livestock Cooling Misters

Lowers the temperature by up to 15° C.


Provides a cooler, more comfortable environment for you and your livestock.


Reduces the risk of heat stress by keeping your horses cooler.


Lowers the risk of disease.


Deters flying insects which can reduce irritation and discomfort to your livestock.


Keeps dust and pollen at bay.


Energy efficient with minimum water usage – so economical.