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Outdoor living is such a significant part of the all Australian lifestyle, and so when it comes to finding the perfect outdoor heating and cooling solutions for your outdoor entertaining area, Alfresco Spaces has you covered!

For a number of years we have worked hard to become an industry leader in outdoor heating and cooling solutions. As a company we take great pride in our products and services, and are committed to providing our clients with a first-class alfresco solution.

By always taking the time to listen to our clients wants and needs, we are able to advise them on cost-effective and efficient outdoor heating and cooling solutions that will see their residential or commercial outdoor space become the pride and joy of their property all year round.

Keep reading to discover the full range of products and services we have on offer:


Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial heating solution, at Alfresco Spaces, you can rest assured we have your perfect fit. Our professional team has years of industry experience and will help you find an ideal outdoor heating solution within our extensive heating range.

Architectural Heaters

Crafted out of Australian Marine Grade 316 stainless steel each of our Architectural Electric Radiant Heaters have an environmental resilience unlike any other. Available in 5 sizes, we have the ideal heating solution for any commercial outdoor environment…

Alfresco Strip Heaters

Embrace a low carbon, energy saving and eco-friendly heating solution with an Alfresco Strip Heater.

Perfect for both modern and traditional outdoor spaces, our Alfresco Strip heaters are a streamline radiant heater that will provide you with an effective heating solution without it being an intrusive addition to your outdoor space…


Gas Heaters

Looking to add warmth to your outdoor patio area the traditional way? Our DSCS gas heaters are the perfect solution for you. Designed for optimum comfort and convenience, you can’t go wrong! With a simple wall mounting installation, your new DSCS gas heater will provide you with premium warmth without the hassle of a large unit or refilling gas tanks…


Fire and Tables

If you’re looking to combine style and comfort seamlessly, then our Fire’N’Table is for you! By emitting heat beneath the table top but creating a stunning atmosphere with the open flame in the middle of the table top, you’ll have an outdoor heating solution that is set to impress! With a double skinned exterior, you can touch anywhere, and…


Cafe Screens

Create a comfortable and stylish outdoor environment for your patrons with alfresco cafe screens. Our specialist alfresco screens are crafted out of shatterproof acrylic which is then mounted in a stainless steel frame, allowing you to create a functional outdoor area while also promoting your business with panel embellishment…





Australian Summers comprise of unforgiving heat that can make being outdoors unbearable at times. At Alfresco Spaces, we have worked hard to provide our clients with first-class outdoor cooling solutions to ensure that their outdoor entertaining areas, residential or commercial, are comfortable no matter the weather!



We have an extensive range of misting options that can cater to a variety of applications. From residential DIY misting kits right through to commercial, livestock and dust suspension misting systems we have the perfect misting solution for you…



Let us help you recreate a refreshing beachside breeze with our commercial misting solutions. Our premium misting lines will release ultra-fine water droplets, resulting in a cool and refreshing environment for your patrons…



Australian Summers can be a harsh environment on our livestock, especially if their stable is not well ventilated. At Alfresco Spaces, we are the proud suppliers of Cloudburst cooling systems. Cloudburst will allow you to take control of your animals climate; reducing the surrounding air by up to 15 degrees…


Misting Fans

There’s nothing better than a cool breeze during Australia’s extreme heat; with Mist360 and MiniMist misting fans you are able to create 360 degrees of cool air for your home or business throughout the Summer months…


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