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Commercial Gas Heaters

Outdoor DCSC Gas Heaters

Alfresco Spaces DSCS gas heater is designed to add warmth to your outdoor and patio areas. Producing a gas infrared heat, its efficient design also adds a contemporary industrial look to your outdoor spaces.

Alfresco Spaces Outdoor Heater


Easily mounts out of the way and without the hassle of refilling gas tanks.


Specifically designed for comfort, reliability and ease of installation, the Alfresco Spaces DSCS gas heater is sure to deliver the desired amount of warmth to your dining and entertainment spaces.

Outdoor Gas Heater Product Specifications

Model IG-31
Dimensions (Width) 24
BTU/h 31,000
Heating Area 2.45m x 2.45m
Dimensions (Width) 24
BTU/h 34,000
Heating Area 2.75m x 2.75m