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Alfresco – Cafe Screens and Cafe Barriers

Cafe Screens

Halt the wind’s chill as no amount of heating can!

Increase your business exposure while protecting your patrons from street noise and cold winds. Alfresco café screens add ambience, definition and discreet comfort to outdoor dining areas.

Cafe Barriers


Maximise outdoor dining areas with these functional additions which lock securely into place and provide an exciting range of options for using your screens. The attractive planter box adds style and additional stability. Replace the planter box with stylish and practical seating, or with the addition of a bartop, the café screen has a whole new dimension.


The acrylic shatterproof panel is mounted in a stainless steel frame. You can also embellish the panel or the base with your brand or company logo.

Cafe Screens Product Specifications

Small Cafe Screen
Dimensions 1.5m (h) x 1.2m (w) x 0.4m (d)
4’11” (h) x 3’11” (w) x 1’4″ (d)
Large Cafe Screens
Dimensions (Width) 1.5m (h) x 1.52m (w) x 0.4m (d)
Heating Area 4’11” (h) x 3’12” (w) x 1’4″ (d)