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Architectural Series Heaters

Whether you need to heat a small or large inner courtyard or a street frontage in variable conditions, Alfresco Spaces can supply you with our Architectural Series electric radiant outdoor heaters. Available in different sizes, it is perfect for providing heating coverage to any public dining, recreation or residential area.

Outdoor Heaters

Our Architectural Series are electric outdoor heaters that are manufactured using Australian Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. This means they provide outstanding environmental resilience and longevity in any climate.

There are five sizes available in the Architectural Series of outdoor heaters, providing thermal coverage of up to 16 square metres.


Heater Specifications

Model A2000 
Dimensions (Width)1.08m or 3’6″
Power (Watts)2500
Heating Area2.5m / 2.5m or 8’2″ / 8’2″
Dimensions (Width)1.65m or 5’5″
Power (Watts)3000
Heating Area3m / 3m or 9’10” / 9’10”
Dimensions (Width)1.65m or 5’5″
Power (Watts)4000
Heating Area3.5m / 3.5m or 11’6″ / 11’6″
Dimensions (Width)1.08m or 3’6″
Power (Watts)5000
Heating Area3.75m / 3.75m or 12’4″ / 12’4″
Dimensions (Width)1.65m or 5’5″
Power (Watts)6000
Heating Area4m / 4m or 13’1″ / 13’1″


Our Architectural Series Heaters in Action

Thomas Hotel Group

The Thomas Hotel Group has multiple venues containing gaming rooms, outdoor spaces and smokers’ areas. Legally, these spaces had to be open-air, but they were almost too cold to use in winter.

When looking for heating solutions, management at the group knew they needed infrared and radiant heat to ensure visitors would actually be warmed, rather than having the heat be blown away before reaching them.  

Alfresco installed our Architectural Series heaters, which produce more heat than any other on the market, and deliver more heat per kilowatt.

Venue visitors are now much happier in the winter – the heaters keep them coming back and staying longer.


Located on Manly Wharf, Hugo’s needed a heating solution that would allow them to offer a comfortable environment even throughout winter.

They wanted electric heaters for efficiency, but did not have a large power capacity. Because of this – and because of their close proximity to water and sea wind – Alfresco installed our Architectural Series heaters.

Not only did these heaters allow them to set the heaters depending on their electricity capabilities, but the marine-grade steel protects the heaters from the elements.

Hugo’s have now been serving visitors comfortably all year round for over 10 years.

Coogee Bay Hotel

In one of the best spots in Sydney, Coogee Bay Hotel has a lot of outdoor space to make use of the wonderful views. However, having a large outdoor area meant that it was often too cold for patrons to use in winter.

Before choosing a heating solution, the Hotel team installed both Alfresco’s Architecture Series heaters and a competitor’s product to compare the results.

Alfresco’s Architectural Series was the clear winner. They are made of marine grade steel, so they can withstand the elements of bayside Coogee. They’re the only heater of their kind on the market – and it also helps that they’re one of the most powerful heaters available.

Coogee Bay Hotel’s outdoor areas are now always usable, regardless of weather and even in the face of cold weather or cool sea breezes.